Good Luck Coffee

Is there a Good Luck Coffee I can drink every morning to be happier and successful? 

Well… first we should explore what really luck is and how it works! Personally, I do believe in luck, but I also believe we can almost change the word luck in any sentence with the word “timing”. You’ll see, for me good luck is mostly being in the right place at the right time. 

Let’s start with a basic example… finding money on the street requires you to walk by a particular street on a given day at the right time. Seen in another way…

  • You can’t win the lottery if you don’t go to the store and purchase a ticket!
  • You can’t meet the love of your life if you stay in your comfort zone and refuse to meet new people!
  • You can’t build a successful business if you don’t attract new clients or offer new products. 

Another word I like to associate with luck is Serendipity, which is defined as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”, like for example running into an old acquaintance resulting in a successful partnership or business opportunity.

See, luck requires some work or at least action on your part. But a lot of people are doing that same work without getting great results… Many could be the differences, but that time and place they are doing that work is a major factor.

State of Mind

Many other people believe luck is simply a state of the mind. It can greatly correlate with positivism and negativism. You attract your thoughts, whether they are good ones or bad ones. This doesn’t mean you are going to get everything you want for free just by thinking about it. But a positive state of mind will imply that you will have more confidence in yourself and are willing to take on risks, as you are expecting a good outcome! The opposite is true… a negative state of mind will lower your confidence, harming your ability to do things well, and thus eventually avoiding them at all!

If you start your day by drinking a good luck coffee cup thinking this will make it a great day, chances are your day is going to be slightly different in many ways that it would have been if you didn’t perform this ritual (that got you into a good-luck state of mind).

Scientific and Cultural variations

Luck definition varies greatly from one culture to another. Western cultures have studied the matter a lot and concluded luck is a matter of statistical odds. Eastern cultures often associate luck to old superstitions related to specific colors, numbers or animals.

Lucky Charms and the Good Luck Coffee

Lucky Charms… also known as symbols, talismans, amulets or tokens are things people see, find, rub or hold, believing they will provide them a better-than-expected outcome on a given matter. History traces them back to cave-man times, and yet they are still popular in modern cultures, with more than half of Americans believing in good luck charms such as the four leaf clover, horseshoe, coins, rabbit tails or foot, the number seven, or an animal’s tooth.

Do you have a lucky charm? Maybe a Good Luck Coffee? Tell us about it in the comments!