Alturas Coffee – Rare and Common coffee’s from all over the world!

Alturas coffee is a quality supplier of many types of coffee, both rare and common types. We have become a leader in supplying rare coffees at competitive prices such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, a fine coffee grown in the Kenyan mountains, and other rare coffees from Brazil such as Fazenda Santa Ines, a traditional Brazilian coffee with a sweet but mild taste.

We offer the top-quality Hawaii blends of coffee, which are known for their strong aromas and dark roasts, and these have quite a high caffeine content too, great if you like a boost in your day! These are recommended for those who use coffee as a stimulant as well as taste! We offer this coffee at competitive prices.

We offer Panama coffee also, which has continuously been voted one of the best coffees at many coffee events around the world.

We also offer more mainstream brands of coffee of the best quality, sourced from all over the world, from Brazil, to Indonesia to Vietnam to Hawaii. We offer coffee to suit all tastes, from light roasted coffee for those who simply like to relax with a coffee, medium roast for the best of both worlds, and dark roast for those who like a strong aromatic taste and a boost in their day!

We only offer the finest quality coffee and we ensure that all our farmers are paid fairly. We gauge customer demand based on order history and reviews and using this data we ensure we always have the coffee customers like in stock. Medium roast is one of our most popular coffees, and this can easily be ordered in the tens of kilograms from us.

There are many types of customers, and we have products and quantities to suit all, so even the most expensive coffees can be acquired in small quantities at fair prices so as not to price out the smaller customer who may like the odd treat, and we also offer large bulk price reductions for coffee shops and promotional offers for our loyal customers!

In times of surge demand for a product, we have a direct link to our suppliers and as such can make up and stock shortfalls very quickly, and we deliver in most countries. We offer a money back guarantee if the quality standards fall short of what you are expecting. We put all coffee and suppliers through our strict quality control, ensuring standards of welfare of farmers, climate and bean quality is always top notch.

So, from standard run of the mill coffee, to exotic coffee such as Panama and Jamaican coffee, we have a product to suit all customers. So why not shop with us today, and enjoy great offers! After all, you drink coffee every day, and you deserve the best quality which can be offered. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!